CASA CAVANILLES (Valencia, Spain)

Designed with light as the protagonist and wrapped in a halo of harmony that covers every corner, Casa Cavanilles and its more than 200 m2 of floor space have created a space that invites sharing and family living.

Each element has been designed taking into account that the house opens to the outside and gives us privileged views of Valencia, a 360º tour that begins at the foot of the Viveros Gardens and ends with the sea on the horizon.

In order to open to the outside and integrate even more with the environment, Casa Cavanilles has a covered dining room. Its informal appearance allows the room to breathe and envelops it with a warm luminosity.

The living / dining room is the true protagonist of this integral reform project, being the paneling with wood paneling the differentiating element and on which orbit the rest of the rooms of the day area.

Another element that stands out in this interior design project is the study space integrated in a large window within the dining room of the house.

This study has been designed as a collaborative environment where family members can coexist and share their different tasks.

The kitchen is another of the key rooms of this project, its more than 20 m2 make it one of the most important spaces. It is integrated into the living/dining room, but separated by a sliding glass door.

This sliding door allows a clearer view of the entire space, providing continuity and letting the light be a living element that unifies the different areas.

Once again, materials such as wood welcome and bring the necessary warmth to the home. Providing the right balance between modern and classic, Casa Cavanilles embraces us through light.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Jonathan Ristagno

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