This Pharmacy project is located near one of the most important markets in the city of Valencia, the Algirós Market.

The corner store provides a large outdoor space that allows to communicate and give visibility to the Pharmacy thanks to its multiple shop windows.

The entire facade is covered with porcelain tile with the detail of the wooden palillería that runs along the entire upper space of the facade, thus dressing the signage of Farmacia Algirós.

The 140 m2 of interior space of the Pharmacy are designed to be used to the maximum and achieve the desired effect of spaciousness.

The integral reform of this local pharmacy stands out for its diaphanous atmosphere. Once again the wood is still very present in this Pharmacy Architecture project. Following the dynamics of the outdoor area, inside the premises the wood pallet woodwork runs along counters, shelves and other elements of the pharmacy.

All this combined with the white, provide a sense of warmth, closeness, purity and cleanliness to the whole space. An effect that perfectly accompanies the essence of a Pharmacy like this one.

Highlight the gondola with integrated bench, a decorative element that also provides a resting space for the customer. This gondola is custom designed and designed to differentiate spaces, in addition to giving the entrance to the two individual customer service counters.

Another characteristic element of the store is the rounded niche at the entrance of the pharmacy. It serves as a welcome and the most elegant point of exposure of the Pharmacy, being able to highlight here the newest and most striking products.

Farmacia Algirós is characterized by the purity of its materials, by the luminosity of its space and by the sensation of openness and transparency that it transmits to its visitors.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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