EDMMOND STUDIOS (Fuencarral, Madrid, Spain)

Edmmond Fuencarral’s project seeks to maximize the space of a typical irregular space in the center of Madrid by using a reduced palette of noble and luminous materials.

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In tune with the brand’s values, these materials are shown with a fresh and casual look: polished concrete covers the entire floor and maple wood is used with geometric shapes, thus being the decorative focus of the project.

Near the entrance, a series of large-format wooden slats with curved cuts stand out, which, as a whole, simulate a large wave that invades the entire commercial space.

At other points in the project, the maple paneling in palisade completes the whole, providing a counterpoint of elegance and serenity.

The decorative use of landscaping, neon, mirrors, donkeys hanging from the high ceilings and the microcement counter between iconic hanging lamps complete the ambiance of this retail space aimed at a young and contemporary public.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Juanjo Marbai, Aleks Sánchez

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