ÁTICO EN LA SEU (Valencia)

This house of more than 300 m2 is located in a protected historic building in the city of Valencia.

The project focused on providing a specific program to the existing terraces. In one of them is located a solarium and in the other a barbecue area and storage of housing facilities. In addition, the existing materials were changed for a better final reading of the whole of them.

The living-dining room was designed articulated given the central volume occupied by the kitchen, and all these spaces turn to the terraces overlooking the city center.

All this, together with a flow of light that the house receives, are the premises to be taken into account when designing the interior of the house. This room is conceived as a social space with a more sober image, where both the sofa, the table and the bookcase are of large dimensions.

The rest of the rooms have been designed with a warmer interior design with white lines and wood, achieving more private environments where to take refuge.

The access to the house is a wink of light to nature, where a luminous forest was created with which the clients felt very identified.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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