HENCE BARCELONA (Rambla Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain)

Hence’s Barcelona store, designed by architect Enric Ruíz-Geli, was conceived as a museum space in which nature and the harmony of noble materials coexist.

It is a large concrete envelope, made with insitu formwork, in which vegetation elements and singular exhibition areas appear, all accentuated by the lighting, which is resolved through backlit tensioned ceilings and a linear perimeter light that bathes all the vertical walls.
Occasionally there are spot lights integrated into ceilings that highlight certain figures.

A simple façade was chosen with two large concrete gates hung to allow movement.

Of particular note is the vertical garden, like a large artistic painting, the vegetable fish tank behind the box, and the skylights in the final area that highlight the platform and cantilevered concrete staircase that support the central tree.

As well as the concrete mural that we find between the testers, simulating the Cap de Creus.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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