MUROEXE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Our work materializing the spatial idea of the brand continues in this project, this time in a typical Dutch building, with a reduced facade and several floors, in the shopping street par excellence of Holland: Kalverstraat.

Once again, the construction is left bare, with the slabs made of sheet metal visible, as well as the air-conditioning and electrical installations.

The space is favored by natural lighting, with skylights and large windows on the main and rear facades to absorb the scarce natural light of a location at this latitude.

The commercial space is maximized on the first floor, leaving the fitting rooms on the second floor, and using the upper floors as storage, office and restroom.

We capture the attention of the passerby in the entrance space, which is conceived as a double height in which hanging bars of more than six meters in length stand out, as well as a large projection on a concrete wall. 

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Ewout Huibers

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