FARMACIA SUD (Valencia, Spain)

In the Sud Pharmacy, we faced the challenge of solving the problem of an old building constructed in several phases on which we had to implement the program of a newly opened pharmacy.

Premios y Publicaciones

The different structures built in each phase, some in concrete and others in steel, made it impossible to fully understand the large surface area.

After eliminating the most harmful pillars for the space, we found in the way to solve this problem the guiding thread of the project: the metal joints of the closest concrete and steel pillars would be the decorative point that would be repeated later in the commercial panels and in the partition wall that separates the commercial area from the pharmacy.

Thus, the large commercial area is finished in white tones that reflect the light towards the depth of the premises, displaying product in certain areas that capture the customer's attention.

Some groups of pillars are hidden behind glass walls that house two offices and the central space is freed for the counters, whose rear display is the most representative image of the project.

Given the large surface area of the pharmacy, children’s play areas are created and a valuable private collection of albarelos is displayed.

The pharmacy also benefits from this extension, housing spacious and bright work areas, as well as a rear room for the guards that receives light from the courtyard of the rear facade.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Collaborating Architect: Luis Duart
Photos: Germán Cabo

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