CENADOR EN DENIA (Denia, Valencia, Spain)

The client’s brief consisted of a covered outdoor gazebo for a summer residence in Denia, in an unbuilt area of the plot.

After analyzing the possible uses of this space, we decided to maximize the order, adapting the summer gazebo to be useful as a winter dining room.

This was achieved through the use of hinged louvers that let the sun’s rays through in winter and hide them in summer, but allowing natural ventilation through its opening.

The composition of this architecture is thought from the orientation, denying the annoying sun from the west in summer by a worked masonry wall, which also hides visuals towards the adjacent buildings.

In contrast, the views of the gazebo overlook the Montgó to the south and the existing swimming pool to the north, which was also renovated.

This north-south axis is also the dominant wind direction, allowing, through the use of the movable slats, that there is always a breeze inside the gazebo.

Finally, the arbor space is delimited to the east by a unique steel structure, creating a filter from the existing house to the interior of the arbor.

This structure, with slender profiles painted black, is cut out in the main view -from the house- on the masonry wall, creating an aesthetic play between a highly textured background that highlights the manual labor of man in the construction and a polished and perfectly geometric figure that extols the industrialization of the construction process.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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