CASA DE LA LUZ (Valencia, Spain)

Opening to the outside was the main objective of this project. Incorporating the terraces to the interior space and creating new and large windows, which make the whole house is immersed in light.

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We decided to give a twist to the distribution, giving prominence to the living-dining room and creating a large kitchen with a new laundry area. The kitchen is resolved with a large bench and peninsula of porcelain material and spectacular fires integrated into it.

Highlight the natural wood on the floor, the spectacular doors from floor to ceiling without frame and with displaced axis, handcrafted with old mobila.
Also highlight the master suite with the bathroom, which creates a much more attractive and bright space.

The secondary bathroom is finished in microcement, the countertop is made of wood and the sinks are made of Corian. The bathtub has a special prominence with the waterfall spout.

The lighting is indirect and very dim, using cube-shaped wall sconces and special recessed luminaires that are lost in the ceiling when turned off.

The living room space features pendant lights, a large floor lamp and very characteristic decorative elements, such as designer clocks, two leather armchairs and a spectacular textile painting with African roots.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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