CASA BACHILLER (Valencia, Spain)

Casa Bachiller is presented as an Integral Housing Reform Project, where the commitment to quality has been key in our intervention.
With more than 190 m2 of space, the work to be developed has allowed us to exploit the creativity and design by our team of architects.

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There are many aspects to highlight in this renovation project, the construction details have given life to an exclusive home and have given us the possibility to create a unique house.

One of the spaces to highlight is the kitchen. All of it is made with furniture and materials from Porcelanosa, its spectacular bench, its fires integrated into the countertop and its 100% custom furniture, give an elegant and modern look to the space.

To separate the kitchen from the living/dining room we have opted for a sliding glass and black lacquered aluminum door.
This gives a greater sense of spaciousness, while providing some privacy when working at the stove.

Both the living/dining room and the kitchen have large windows that allow natural light to enter the entire room. The search for light is always key in our home renovation projects, in this case Casa Bachiller started from a good base that allowed us to enhance this aspect increasingly demanded by our customers.

Continuing with the day area of the house, highlights the microcement wall that runs through part of the hall and living / dining room. This touch brings a unique, innovative and modern design to the house.

The entrance to the night area, where the bathrooms and bedrooms of the house are located, has been designed with a door to the ceiling and a displaced axis.
The effect it causes is spectacular and brings lightness and subtlety to the space. This type of door allows to play a lot and differentiate rooms in an elegant and exclusive way.

Another of the most outstanding rooms of the house is the master bedroom, fully integrated with the dressing room and en suite bathroom. The large wardrobe welcomes the washbasin area designed with 100% custom-made wooden furniture. Only the shower and bath spaces are hidden with black lacquered aluminum sliding doors. This way we get that feeling of spaciousness and we get out of the conventional design of this type of rooms.

In short, Casa Bachiller is defined as a project of integral reform of elegant housing, with special care in the quality of its materials.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos and Video: Adrián Mora Maroto

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