CASA BAZÁN (Valencia, Spain)

With about 200m2 of built area, the possibilities for this integral reform project were very broad. The house of the 70s, was with the finishes and distribution of origin. Therefore, the main idea of this project was to adapt the entire space to the new needs of customers, with two clear objectives: to gain lighting and interior quality.

The spaces are distributed clearly differentiating the day area from the night area with a more intimate character. These spaces are articulated by means of a generous corridor in which the materiality of the access furniture and the lighting are taken care of.

In this corridor we hide the courtesy toilet and the access to the kitchen with integrated paneling, focusing all the attention on the living-dining room that is glimpsed in the background through a door with a displaced axis.

The most imposing space in this project is the living-dining room linked to the kitchen. This link is established through a sliding door in which, however, once closed we avoid visual communication between the two spaces.

The master bedroom has custom-designed furniture, and has three spaces (bedroom, dressing room and bathroom), visually and spatially connected.

Casa Bazán has three sides to the outside glazed in its entirety, which, distributing the rooms correctly, allows the light to take great prominence in each of them.

The natural wood flooring, closets in distributors and different dressing rooms with which the house has, as well as the materiality of the bathrooms and lighting through wall washers and spot lighting, achieve the initial objective of providing great warmth to the whole space.

In short, a house renovation project that is ready to be lived.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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