MUROEXE GOYA (Madrid, Spain)

Continuing with the aesthetic world created for the brand, we adapted the idea to a 100m2 store in one of the most emblematic streets of Madrid: Goya.

We chose to show the premises in its raw state, with metal pillars that show the fireproof protection and the forged with its ceramic vaults full of holes left by the passage of time.

All this current state is fixed by painting it white and leaving all the facilities of the premises and the building visible.

After this action, we made the characteristic concrete coatings of the brand on strategic walls so that they always act as a perspective background.

And finally, we adapted the design of the furniture to the dimensions of the premises, with the donkeys and shelves, pedestals and seats in the brand's range of colors: oak, white and Muroexe blue.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Imagen Subliminal

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