L HOUSE (Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain)

L House is a single-family house project located in a low population density area at the foot of a hill of holm oak trees.

The house is developed in an L-shaped floor plan to adapt to the geometry of the plot, maximize sunlight and frame the views over the oak forest.

Thus, the exterior facades of the L are closed to traffic and nearby houses, while the interior facades are turned towards the interior of the plot, where the swimming pool and abundant vegetation are located, and the views of the oak grove.

The first floor, where the day area is located, opens completely to the south, while the second floor, with the night program, is oriented to the west, where the hill through which the sun rises is located.

In the ball-and-socket joint between the two arms of the L is the staircase and a double-height living room dominated by an L-shaped sofa that replicates the geometry of the house and accentuates it.

The facades of the house are resolved with a single-layer coating, where two different tones and textures are differentiated, marking the overhangs of the slabs, which filter the direct light in summer in the south orientation.

Architecture and design: Destudio
Renders: Boava Estudio

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