ANAFORD LAWYERS (Valencia, Spain)

The design of Anaford lawyers was based on transmitting its identity with an image of professionalism and confidence at the same time. Warm materials such as wenge-colored wood and sober gray, made possible the union between the architecture of the old Valencia, with the modern lines of the XXI century.

The meeting rooms stand out, where we made an impressive custom-made meeting table, as well as design lamps that besides illuminating give an aspect of modernity and quality.

Subsequently, they trusted us again for a second intervention where the reception area was treated.
This is solved with a Corian counter with backlit logo, and a powerful corporate image, which stands out thanks to the dark tones of the wooden wall.
On the same landing there is an intervention with the logo on a backlit Corian and wood paneling that alludes to the old furniture doors inside.

Architecture, design and construction: Destudio
Photos: Germán Cabo

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